5 Million Lbs. Off The Street in California


 The Kids of America Sets Their Sights on Recycling 5 Million Pounds of E-Waste in 2013!

The Kids of Americaa San Diego-based nonprofit with its fiscal sponsor Heartland Coalition has initiated a drive to recycle literally tons of electronic waste this year through a series of e-waste collection events. These events were created to reduce the millions of tons of unwanted electronic obsoletes that are accumulated each year in communities and landfills across Californi
Studies show that 35 million pounds of e-waste are sitting in California homes and businesses. Less than 29% of that waste is properly dismantled and/or recycled. Electronic discard is one of the fastest growing segments of our nation’s waste stream. 70% of heavy metals and 40% of lead-mercury contents found in landfills are from e-waste.

E-waste is defined as any consumer electronic equipment that has reached its ‘end-of-life/end-of-usage’ whether in working or non-working condition. This includes electronic products or devices, such as computer monitors, televisions, PC systems, printers, copiers, facsimile machines and home entertainment systems.

The e-waste collection event was created to address this ever-growing issue. Despite other programs out there, the collection event is the most creative and effective solution to reduce e-waste from end-users and the consumer sector. The Kids of America E-Waste Collection events will help divert illegal e-waste dumping in our neighborhoods and landfills.

We are so proud to play a part in bringing more awareness to our community about the importance of helping to protect our earth, said Josef Shannon, The Kids of America. “These events not only help to educate, but also offer an easy and free means for our local residents to eliminate unwanted electronics. We very much look forward to reaching our goal of recycling 5 million pounds of e-waste this year and helping to sustain a clean San Diego,” Josef Shannon added.

The Kids of America E-Waste collection events serve as a community service where the public can simply drop off their electronic waste at convenient locations throughout the year. The waste which contains a precious natural resource is then removed, recycled and reused. The reuse and remanufacturing of these items will cut the carbon foot print that we leave behind.

The Kids of America is a nonprofit designed to teach children how to effectively orchestrate a more prosperous future for themselves by doing that which is tried and proven, working and saving their money. The organization was launched in 2011 with the help of individuals volunteering their time and effort to support children and their families through partnerships with businesses and philanthropists.