About Us!

Our Mission is to create awareness in our youth of the value of financial sustainability, healthy life styles, and being a steward for our environment!

Our Vision focuses on education and internships for young & aspiring Eco Minded people in United States of America.

The Kids of America teams with local educational institutions and businesses to provide opportunities for our youth to volunteer support, & community projects for the environment and money management skills to live a better life as adult!

U.S. Kids Chamber of Commerce
A Program of the The Kids of America 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

Programs and Services

Here are some of the highlights of programs and services:
  • Electronic Recycling
  • Media Support & Event Promotion
  • Fundraising Assistance & Support
  • Financial Education Programs
  • Charity & Business Mixers
Please contact us for more information about how the Kids of America can assist you and your organization and how you can be a member and become a part of the solution!

Leadership Team


       Mark Hanson                                            Faith McCune                        
       Mentor - Fiscal Sponsor